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CARES Act: Updates to State & Federal Unemployment Benefits

The Paycheck Protection Program - SBA Loans With Forgiveness

What We Know About the CARES Act So Far

How to Implement New York’s COVID-19 Work-From-Home Requirement

Coronavirus: FFCRA "What If?" Grid for Employers and Employees

Paid Sick Leave and Family Leave for NYS Workers Impacted by COVID-19

More About the FFCRA Payroll Tax Credit

Families First Coronavirus Response Act - What We Know So Far

Coronavirus: NY, CA, & PA Implement Strict Workforce Restrictions

About the NYS Shared Work Program to Avoid Layoffs

Trump Signs Families First Coronavirus Response Act

How to Determine Pay Frequency

EEOC Guidance for Employers During a Pandemic

10 Answers for Employers Navigating the Coronavirus

How Good Human-Resource Managers Develop Their Work Teams

How a Workplace Philanthropy Culture Can Revolutionize Your HR

Wage Board Investigating Overtime Thresholds for NY Farm Workers

All About Human-Resources Data Analytics

PeopleWork 12 - Melissa Wilson on Telemedicine as an Employee Benefit

Potential Penalties Involved in PBJ Reporting and How to Avoid Them

All About the Payroll-Based Journal’s Five-Star Quality Rating System

What information is required in your ACA Payroll-Based Journal? 

How to Submit My ACA Payroll-Based Journal

An Introduction to Payroll-Based Journals

Ashley Explains Why Your Labor Law Poster is (Probably) Still in Compliance [VIDEO]

Is it Legal to Pay Employees Off the Books? [VIDEO]

OSHA Log 300 Must Be Posted by February 1

What are the Break Requirements for Long Work Shifts? [VIDEO]

Are Employees Entitled to their Personnel File after Termination? [VIDEO]

Can You Force Employees to use a Biometric Timekeeping System? [VIDEO]

Do Fire Department Volunteers Count as Regular Employees? [VIDEO]

Do Employees Have to Bring a Doctor's Note When Out Sick? [VIDEO]

A Guide to NYS SHIELD Act Compliance: Data Security Program 

A Guide to NYS SHIELD Act Compliance: How to Issue Breach Notifications

Occurrence Policies and Is it Legal to Refuse a Doctor's Note? [VIDEO]

Pre-Compliance with the NYS SHIELD Act

Labor Law Q&A with Attorney Kevin Wicka | PeopleWork 11

What Is the NYS SHIELD Act, and Who Is It For?

Ashley Explains the New 2020 W-4 Form [VIDEO]

What Is An EEO-1 Reconciliation Report, And How Do I Fix It? 

How Your EIN Relates to Your EEO-1 Report

A History Of The EEO-1 Report

About EEO-1 Reports for Multi-Establishment Companies

What to Consider Before Conducting Drug Tests On Your Employees

EEO-1 Warning Messages, And How To Solve Them

Types of EEO-1 Reports and Their Functions 

2020 Updates to New York Paid Family Leave Act

PeopleWork 10 - Greg Nasso on Time and Attendance Systems

Who Needs To File An EEO-1?

What The New FLSA Overtime Exemption Rules Mean For You

Updates To the FSLA Exemptions For Certain Employees

What Is The Overtime Employee Duties Test And How Is It Satisfied? 

About The DOL’s Proposed Updates To The Definition Of “Regular Rate”

What Requirements Must An Employee Meet To Be Exempt From Overtime?

New Federal Overtime Rules to Take Effect in 2020

New York Expands Pay Equity Laws for 2019 and 2020

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - A 2019 Update

The Top Complaints About Certified Payroll

Why Is Certified Payroll So Complicated?

Why Construction is the #1 Industry for Certified Payroll Penalties

Recordkeeping Rules for Government Contractors and Subcontractors

Farm Workers in NYS Will Now Receive Overtime, Rest & Other Guaranteed Protections

How to Prove to the Government That You’re Not Getting Kickbacks

What is the Copeland Act?

Data Security is Important and Here are Some Tips

Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes With Certified Payroll

EEOC and ADA Stances on High School Diplomas for Hiring

Onboarding Strategies: How to Welcome a New Employee

Should it be Vacation Time or Just PTO?

Tracking the Hours Worked for Your Exempt Employees

Three Ways HR Makes Employment More Profitable

How Long Does it Take to do Certified Payroll?

PeopleWork 09 - Ginine Capozzi on Employee Training & Engagement

The Importance of Certified Payroll for Construction, Waste Disposal, and Manufacturing

What Is a Statement of Compliance?

Understanding State vs. Federal Prevailing Wage Laws

Why Companies Pay Millions in Prevailing Wage Penalties

Who Do Celebrities Employ? The A-List Actress Edition

4 Things to Remember about Certified Payroll

Bidding on a Government Contract? Here’s How to Handle Payroll

Examining the Different Ways Doctors Get Paid

Does Your Payroll Violate the Davis Bacon Act?

What is Certified Payroll?

The Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Employers Must Submit EEO-1 Pay Data by September 30

8 Things to Know Before Disciplining or Terminating an Employee

How Private, Public, and Charter Schools Pay Teachers

Ashley Explains the Cost of Paying an Employee in NYS [VIDEO]

The Gig Economy: What Happens in an Industry With no HR?

Practical Advice for Women Who Want to Move Forward in Their Careers

New York Employees Can Now Take 3 Hours of Paid Leave to Vote

The Benefits of Employing Remote Workers

Hollywood & Human Resources: What is HR Like on a Movie Set?

How Much Money Does the Average NFL Player Take Home?

Ashley Explains Third-Party Sick Pay [VIDEO]

How to Make Meetings with Remote Employees More Effective

Best Practices for Training Remote Employees

Red Flags a Candidate is NOT Suited For Remote Employment

How to Increase Productivity with Remote Employees

HR Concerns for Remote Employees

Payroll Concerns for Remote Employees

Common Challenges of Managing Remote Employees

Best Practices for Managing Remote Employees

How Should Employee Files be Organized?

Common Questions About the New FLSA Proposal

Department of Labor Proposes New Federal Overtime Rule

How to Negotiate a Starting Salary with a Job Candidate

Hourly or Salaried? How to Design a New Job Position

Setting Up a Timekeeping System for Your First Employee

How to Set a Salary or Wages for Your First Employee

Setting Up New Hire Reporting for Your First Employee

Best Hiring Practices for Startups

Follow This Simple Checklist for Hiring Your First Employee

Setting a Timeline for Hiring Your First Employee

Best Practices for Negotiating Pay Raises with Employees

Best Practices for Structuring a Bonus Package

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Your First Employee?

How to Retain Key Employees with Bonus Packages

Should You Hire Contractors or Employees?

What Can a Payroll Company Do For You?

What to Look for in a Payroll Company

Why You Should Outsource Payroll Management

The History of FICA and How it Applies to You

OSHA 300A Forms Must Be Posted by February 1, 2019

Answering the 3 Most Common Questions About Worker's Compensation Insurance

Understanding the FLSA Labor Law Poster Rules

5 HR Tips for Restaurant Owners

How Employee Handbooks Help You Avoid Legal Headaches

Should My Business Consider Offering a Flexible Spending Account?

The ACA and Workplace Wellness Programs: What You Should Know

Does My Small Business Need to Worry About ACA Compliance?

When Managers are Uncomfortable Communicating with Their Employees: How to Help

Promoting an Employee to Management: Things to Consider

PeopleWork 08 - Shane Edrington on Payday Advances

Court Ruling on ACA Has No Immediate Impact on Employers

NYS Minimum Wage Increases Take Effect on December 31, 2018

PeopleWork 07 - Ryan O'Connor on Business Benefits Planning

Why Payday Advances are a Must-Offer Employee Benefit in 2019

Ashley Explains 2018 Year-End Tax Prep | Ep. 09 [VIDEO]

How to Help Your Employees Cover Unexpected Expenses

The Difference Between a Payday Advance and a Payday Loan

Labor Laws Employers Should be Aware Of

The Importance of Immediately Documenting Performance Problems

The Basics of Starting a Home-Based Business

How Companies in NYS Can Reduce Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

How to Implement the Required NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Ashley Explains... Herself! | Ep. 08 [VIDEO]

How to Adopt the Required NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

An Overview of the New NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Law

Why Sexual Harassment Is Considered a Form of Discrimination in NYS Law

PeopleWork 06 - CPA Brett Neal on Reasonable Compensation

How Human Resource Management is Improved With an HCM Platform

How New Hire Onboarding is Improved With an HCM Platform

The Benefits of Implementing a Human Capital Management System

How Recruitment Management is Improved With an HCM Platform

What to Consider When Choosing a HCM Software Platform

How Employee Benefits Management is Improved With an HCM Platform

Proposed Changes to the 2019 W-4 | Ashley Explains 07 [VIDEO]

What is Human Capital Management?

Best Practices for Employee Applicant Tracking

How Reporting and Analytics is Improved With an HCM Platform

About Applicant Tracking and Its Benefit to HR Managers

How Self-Service Portals are Improved With an HCM Platform

Best Practices For Effective Employee Communications

How Performance Management is Improved With an HCM Platform

Employee Training Programs - Best Practices For Employers

Payroll for Small Business - 10 Things Everyone Should Know

ECEP & ECET: What Employers and Employees Need to Know About New NYS Payroll Tax | Ashley Explains 06

Ashley Explains E05: How Bonuses & Commissions are Taxed (VIDEO)

PeopleWork 05 - Attorney Kevin Wicka on the New York State Sexual Harassment Prevention Law

Employer Compensation Expense Tax: About New York State's New Payroll Tax

Ashley Explains E04: FICA vs. Federal Withholding (VIDEO)

Mobile App Punching: Today's Solution For a Workforce on the Go

What Is a Payroll Based Journal and Who Needs to Use Them?

Using Badge Cards for Timekeeping: Pros and Cons

NYS Releases Draft Sexual Harassment Policy Model Templates and Guidelines

Job Costing vs. Process Costing: Which is Right for My Business?

Ashley Explains E03: Exemptions (VIDEO)

4 Tips for Overtime Management

5 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Time Card Submissions

Is Biometric Timekeeping Worth the Investment?

Should You Bother Allocating Labor Costs in Your Business?

Ashley Explains E02: Properly Classifying Employees and Independent Contractors (VIDEO)

How to Set Policies for Time Off Requests

How to Stop Buddy Punching

Features to Look For When Considering a Time and Attendance Software

Ashley Explains E01: How Payroll Taxes are Calculated (VIDEO)

When Your Family Business Outgrows the Family - Tips for Hiring, Onboarding and Beyond

Drawing the Line Between Insourcing and Outsourcing For Marketing Purposes

Know Your Forms: Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Do I Need to Pay New Employees That Are Still in Training?

Best Practices For Onboarding and Orienting Re-Hires

From Owner to Employer: Tips For Hiring Your First Employee

Best Practices for Hiring and Onboarding Interns

Best Practices for Onboarding Remote Employees

Does My Small Business Need a Formalized Onboarding Process?

Successful Employee Relationships: Three Essential Pillars

Employee Termination Script | How to Script Your Termination Meeting

Some Insight into Employing Minors

The 6 fundamentals of performance reviews

Can You Fire an Employee for Something They Did Outside of Work?

19 Days Well Spent

How To Inform Your Staff About a Terminated Employee

When Should You Fire an Intern?

Can You Fire an Independent Contractor?

Can You Fire an Employee for Something they Said Online?

Alternatives to Employee Termination

Termination Meetings: Where and When to Conduct the Most Difficult Conversation

How to Handle An Immediate Employee Termination

What can Construction Companies Write Off?

Drafting Your Company's Social Media Policy

Common Payroll Jobs

Anatomy Of A Job Description

Why Paid Sick Leave Is Becoming More Popular

PeopleWork 04 - Tammy Tucker and Employee Background Checks

The Difference Between Mission, Vision and Value Statements

A Guide to Introductory Periods

How to Make Reasonable Accommodations For Employees

Hair's the Deal with Employee Dress Code

Overlooked Employee Handbook Policies

Dress Appropriately: How GM's Dress Code Helped Change Its Entire Culture

When do employee background checks cross the line?

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Keeping your employee background checks in compliance with the EEOC

The regulations around employee background checks

Best practices for running background checks on employees

4 things to know if you're considering running background checks on potential employees

The benefits of running background checks on potential employees

New Sexual Harassment Laws to Take Effect in New York State

How to retract a job offer following a background check result

New York State Laws on Employee Background Checks

Can you Make a Job Offer That's Contingent Upon a Background Check?

Red flags on employee background check reports

What's included in a typical background check?

The 3 components of company culture

Employee Handbook: Do's and Don'ts

3 Exceptions to At-Will Employment

Exempt employee payroll deductions that are NOT allowed

About the Equal Pay Act and why everyone's focusing on it

FLSA Amended to Allow Tip Pooling if No Tip Credit is Taken

Walmart and the new trend of payday advances

Considering whether or not to use E-Verify

Recent ruling underscores risk of misclassifying workers

A Closer Look at the Components of a Job Description

Court Rules Employers Cannot Use Salary History to Justify Paying Women Less

Understanding how partnerships are taxed

NYC passes law requiring sexual harassment training for workers

What are the highest-paid professions in 2018?

PeopleWork 03 - Kevin Wicka from The Tarantino Law Firm

The benefits of using an applicant tracking system

Timekeeping Best Practices

What is a General Ledger?

Some Tips for Developing Your First Employee Handbook

The money and salaries behind the PGA and professional golf careers

PeopleWork 02 - Jeff Leyonmark from The Wolf Agency

A breakdown of Major League Baseball player and front office salaries

Reminder: EEO-1 Is Due by March 31

The major differences between exempt and nonexempt employees

How to register a business in New York State

PeopleWork 01 - Kristine Theodorakos from Bond Benefits Consulting

What tax incentives are available to New York employers?

Timekeeping Requirements for Exempt Employees

What to do when a key employee leaves

How to a Handle an Employee That's Abusing Your Sick Leave Policy

5 recommendations for when you're under-staffed

Examining religious expression in the workplace

What to do when you're overwhelmed by payroll regulations

Protecting against company theft

Recordkeeping rules for construction companies

What New York State Labor Law Says About Jury Duty

Second Circuit Rules Sexual Orientation is Protected by Title VII

What is a Section 218 agreement?

Best Practices for Efficient New Hire Recruiting and Onboarding

Some tips on how to prepare for unemployment telephone hearings

Giving new hires a trial run as independent contractors

Clearing Up How Overtime Pay Works

Some insight on home office deductions

Estimating business taxes

6 important business tax deductions

3 ways to hire for your company's culture

Video: How will the new tax bill affect employers?

Department of Labor adopts a new unpaid intern test

OSHA 300A forms must be posted by February 1

Polygraph tests and labor law poster compliance

Understanding employer pay obligations for travel time

Social media in the workplace

The top trending employment laws in 2018

How the new tax bill will affect employers

Does your business need a buy-sell agreement?

How Does Inclement Weather Affect Payroll, Scheduling and PTO?

Some ideas about employee recognition programs

A little bit about wage and hour classifications

Managing conflicts of interest in the workplace

Can you ask your competitors how much they pay?

Political expression in the workplace

The importance of a safety manual

A factual (and fun) look into holiday bonuses for employers and employees alike

Do you have to pay employees when you close for the holidays?

IRS announces 401(K) contribution limits for 2018

Does your vacation and PTO carry over to the New Year?

Some New Year's tips from Human Resources professionals

Department of Labor proposes new rule promoting tip sharing

How to handle employees with attendance issues

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

The IRS is penalizing employers for Obamacare violations

5 ways to bring seasonal employees up-to-speed quickly

How to handle sexual harassment by managers, customers or vendors

C Corp or S Corp: Which is Best for Your Company?

The money behind the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

When is it Time to Pay for Travel Time?

The top 6 employee handbook policies to consider updating

About Leave of Absence Employee Terminations

3 Ways Small Businesses and Startups Can Benefit from the PATH Act R&D Tax Credit

Q&A - How does ACA affect me if we only have 30 employees?

How to conduct stay interviews with your employees

4 Misunderstood Terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act

Employers beware of new Form I-9 scam

Best practices for keeping your company data secure

ACA reporting deadlines for 2018

How exit interviews can help you increase employee retention

It's scary how much Americans spend on Halloween

Understanding how COBRA works

The Benefits of Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance

How Workers’ Compensation Insurance works in New York State

Qualified Research Activities (QREs) and the 4 Part Test

Fees, earnings and the financial side of UberEATS

Understanding the Research and Development Tax Credit

NYC employers can no longer ask applicants about salary history

Are you wearing both the HR and CEO hats?

Are your employees having an office romance?

How to get your staff to work better as a team

What Is a Payroll-Based Journal?

Actual take-home pay for NBA's highest-paid players

Paying Employees Following Hurricanes Harvey & Irma: What Employers Must Understand

How to handle court-ordered wage garnishments

How to apply for an SBA loan

Payroll and budgeting for seasonal construction jobs

The 4 obvious benefits to outsourcing payroll

Thinking about offering a student loan repayment benefit?

How to strategically manage vacation requests

What about labor law posters for remote employees?

New York City Passes a New Predictive Scheduling Law

Payroll and tax issues for healthcare employers

Change to EEO-1 report is now blocked

Overtime rule changes doubling minimum salary threshold officially dead

Best practices for hiring unpaid interns

The 6 rules for offering unpaid internships

Do I Have to Provide Lunch Breaks for my Employees?

Timekeeping Feature: Text Notifications For Managers

Table: Choosing the right entity type for your business

What does the average worker know about the details of their paycheck?

Examining the minimum wage increases for fast food workers in New York

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

The NY Paid Family Leave Policy Outline | Free template download

The NY Paid Family Leave Employee Notification Letter | Free template download

Table: 2016 and 2017 state UI wage bases

How to notify your employees about New York Paid Family Leave

Table: 2017 federal income tax rates

How to Determine if You Must Pay Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax

2017 federal unemployment tax (FUTA) rate

2017 federal mileage rates

Tax incentives for college and higher education

Is your at-home helper actually your employee?

The I-9 Form for Employment Eligibility Verification is updated again

The cash method and accrual methods | Tax rules for construction contractors

The Tax Differences Between Tips and Service Charges

IRS Form 4070 | Employee's Report of Tips to Employer

How to Set Up a Small Business Payroll

Thinking about our Independence

How payroll management can be different for public sector agencies

5 business tax deductions all physicians should know about

Employee Scheduling Tips You Can Apply Immediately

Tax rules for part-time or seasonal employees

4 Simple Ways To Track Employee Time

The 5 Downsides of Manual Time and Attendance Tracking

How often should you pay your employees?

State releases Paid Family Leave deduction rate

Leveraging the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for your business

Trump's budget plan reported to include National Paid Family Leave

Buffalo Jills lawsuit update and the importance of worker classification

Can NY employees now stack FMLA leave with Paid Family Leave?

What's the difference between FMLA and Paid Family Leave?

Waiting for the rate | Paid Family Leave NY

Who qualifies for Paid Family Leave NY?

Here's your overview of the Paid Family Leave coming to New York

Do you have to disclose wage guidelines to your employees?

How to Measure and Minimize Employee Turnover

Fares, driver pay and the financial side of Uber

A Couple Payroll and Tax Issues for Multi-State Companies

How to avoid a labor law poster scam

How to Learn Your Labor Law Poster Requirements

Who Do Celebrities Employ? The Beyonce Edition

Marijuana workplace policies in the era of "legal" marijuana

Breakdown: Salary data for SUNY professors

How to Pay Taxes on Tipped Wages

About the New York Minimum Wage Reimbursement Credit

What if your city or state passes paid sick leave?

What is the Farmer's School Property Tax Credit?

Who is a farm employer in New York State?

What is an eligible farm employee?

What is the Farm Workforce Retention Credit?

What is an eligible farmer?

Can you fire a pregnant employee?

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act

The hot HR topics of 2017

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Current and historical salary figures for the President and other federal government leaders

Examining Women in the Work Force

The Difference Between a Severance Package and a Severance Agreement

Can You Terminate An Employee Over the Phone?

Can You Terminate An Employee On Leave?

How to Address Alcohol in the Workplace

How to Terminate an Employee in New York State

An interesting look at some Super Bowl financial facts

Protect yourself from the latest W-2 phishing scam

Clarifying the Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Trump's first executive order targets Affordable Care Act repeal

What is the W-4 Form?

IT-2104 Form | New York State Income Tax Withholding

About the Wage Theft Prevention Act in New York State

Job Description Template | How to Create a Job Description

How to Onboard a New Hire in New York State

Social Security wage base jumps to $127,200 for 2017

Update: New York passes its own overtime salary threshold increases

New York introduces its own overtime salary threshold increases

2017 business standard mileage rate decreases to 53.5 cents per mile

A quick overview of business mileage deductions

What is a payroll card?

First NY minimum wage increases coming up

New rules coming for wage payments in New York

Pay data now required on the EEO-1 report

The money and salaries behind the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Deduct business expenses the right way

It's giving season... How do the most popular charities measure up?

The new overtime rules are being delayed

Considering a charitable donation through a payroll deduction?

How will Donald Trump's tax plan impact your paycheck?

The highest-paid TV actors by episode

The new Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form is here

4 easy steps to hire an out-of-state employee

6 Things About Tips Every Restaurant Owner Should Know and Do

New Jersey Ends Reciprocal Tax Agreement with Pennsylvania

Let's explore the payrolls of the Clinton and Trump campaigns

So what's the penalty for employing illegal workers?

FLSA | How to adjust to the new overtime rules in 2016

How to track employee time

Paying taxes for seasonal employees

The 5 Most Common Payroll Tax Penalties

Let's Talk About Time Clock Rounding

The new Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form

Do Seasonal Workers Qualify for Unemployment?

What is this EEO-1 report all about?

3 key health care payroll tax requirements

Guidelines for Offering Paid Time Off

Classifying and paying clerical workers

What to do after an employee dies

Determining pay frequency

Payroll for startups

Administrative worker payroll policies

How much do NYS politicians earn? | NY political salaries

Minimum wage in New York - What do the experts say?

Issuing a Replacement Check | NYS Labor Law

The PBJ CMS reporting requirements, explained

A simple breakdown of the FLSA changes

How to classify and pay an executive worker | New York State Labor Law

Substantial wages | Paying your high earners

NYS Employment Law - Classifying and paying "manual" workers

The most common ACA terms and what they actually mean

Can I mail my employees their paychecks?

Simple guide: Calculating payroll costs for your employees

The sharing economy from a payroll perspective

NYS Employment Law - Paying a commissioned salesperson

Paying a Terminated Employee Their Last Payroll Check

Employee or Independent Contractor: What's the difference?

News, insights and resources - Payroll Country style...

Who Is Eligible For Overtime Pay?

Should You Offer Company Equity to Employees?

Avoid These Common Workplace Violations

Should You Invest in an HSA for Your Small Business?

Benefit Trends for 2016: Part II

Workplace Trends 2016 – What’s New?

Which Payroll Method Works Best For Your Business?

Benefit Trends for 2016: Part I

Thank you from our CEO

How To Set Career Goals That Will Actually Stick In The New Year

Are You Paying Your Employees Enough?

Improve Your Hiring Practices In 2016 With These Tips

Better Job Postings = Better Job Applicants. Here’s How!

How To Defuse Office Conflict

Five Illegal Interview Questions

Great Ways To Say “Thanks” To Your Employees This Thanksgiving

The best way to let an employee go

Tips To Get More Out Of Your Paycheck

Are You Up to Date on the Affordable Care Act?

How to Connect To and Engage Younger Workers

The Shift From “HR” To Talent Management – to People Management?

How To Recover From Career Burnout

How do you calculate the cost of employee turnover?

How To Maintain Your Company’s Online Reputation

What are employees looking for in a healthcare coverage plan?

How to Find More Time In Your Work Day

What are Payroll Withholding Taxes?

Complete Payroll Optimizes Site for Enhanced User Experience

Tips For Holding Quick But Productive Meetings

What employers need to know about Forms 941 and 941-X

What Is The IRS Mileage Rate For US Business Use In 2015?

Encourage and influence your employees to lead them to excellence

Foster A Culture Of Work-Life Balance For Employees During The Summer Months

How To Help Your Employees Be More Productive

The Top 5 Things That Zap Employee Productivity

Ask CPP: Should You Outsource Your Payroll? How to Decide

Ask CPP: Are employee performance reviews worthwhile?

10 Best Practices for HR

Stress Busters For Your Work Day

Harassment in the Workplace – What it is, and how you can prevent it

Top HR Trends for 2015

What's the Latest News in 401K Contributions?

The Pros and Cons of Offering Flexible Working Arrangements for Your Employees

Are your hiring practices discriminatory?

CPP Best Place to Work in WNY -- 2 Years Running

Why Failing To Screen Applicants Can Put Your Company At Risk

Does March Madness Make Managers MAD?

Ask CPP: Can you fire an employee in New York State without due cause?

Leadership Strategies of the Nation’s Top Financially Performing Companies

Tips For Responding To Positive Or Negative Online Reviews

Ask CPP: What Are The Rules For Vacation And Sick Time In New York State?

Can You Force an Employee to Retire?

Heart Health Month: Make Health a Priority for your Employees

How To Create Job Postings That Attract The Best Candidates

Do You Run a Small Business? Thinking of Dropping Health Care Coverage?

Ask CPP: What are the rules for employees working overtime?

Will President Obama’s Immigration Plan Impact Your Company in 2015?

Do You Have Questions About the New Rules Regarding Overtime? We Have Answers

Never Mind the DOL! Conduct Your Own Review of FMLA Practices to Ensure Compliance

Holiday Stress Busters from Complete Payroll Processing

Best Practices For Managing The Aging Workforce

Have a Technology-Free Thanksgiving! Here's How

Can Employers Turn Down Applicants Who Smoke?

What are reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees under the EEOC?

Does Your Company Plan to Give Raises In 2015?

Warning Signs Your Best Employee Is About To Jump Ship

Illegal Interview Questions

Dos And Don’ts For Giving Annual Performance Reviews

How much does an employee REALLY cost an employer?

Strategic Planning Tips For 2015

September 2014: What’s new in payroll?

Tips For Hiring Seasonal Help For The Holidays

How to Stick To A Budget When Planning Your Company's Holiday Party

Coffee – America’s Favorite Office Drink

The Benefits Of A Diverse Workforce

Disability Claims Linked To Obesity Are On The Rise – How This Can Affect Your Company

Dos And Don’ts Of Using Social Media To Check On Current And Potential Employees

How to effectively measure employee engagement

Over the top benefits from top employers

Are your employees tired of the 9-5 grind?

Happy 4th of July from CPP!

Use Summer Months to Build Team Morale

Worker’s Comp Claims – What are your rights as an employer?

Tips to help attract top college grads to your company

Top interview questions from successful CEOs

Should Your Company Implement Summer Hours?

Why you should run background checks on potential hires

An important announcement from CPP

The Dos and Don'ts of Job Offer Letters

Should Your Company Implement A Wellness Program?

What to do if your best candidate rejects your salary offer

Internships – Paid or Unpaid?

Update from CPP Regarding the Heartbleed Vulnerability

How a Workplace Safety Program Saves Money On Workers' Comp

HR plays an important role in the growth of your company

Tips to Help Reduce Turnover in Young Employees

Top U.S. Employers Giving Employees More Choice When it Comes to Healthcare Benefits

Complete Payroll Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Buffalo by Business First

2014 IRS 401(k) and Pension Plan Limits

Payroll news that will impact your company

New York State Updates State Unemployment Insurance Rates

Affordable Care Act Update -- Delay to Employer Mandate

How to Negotiate Severance Pay With Your Employees

Incentive Ideas for Short-Term Employees

7 Easy Ways To Be More Productive During Your Workday

Cold and Flu Prevention in the Workplace

State Minimum Wage Increases Mean Changes for Businesses

What do employers need to know about payroll changes in 2014?

Workplace Trends for the New Year

Not Just a Temp – Tips to Motivate Short-Term Staff

5 Employee Benefits Trends for 2014

Turn your employees into loyal advocates for your company

Tips and Etiquette for Giving Holiday Bonuses

Keeping Your Best and Brightest On Board: The Benefits of Employee Recognition

Should your company outsource its HR Function?

Why Manual Timekeeping is Costing Your Company Thousands

SSAE-16 Compliance and Your Business

Ask CPP – Small businesses and the impact of the Affordable Care Act

Should your company outsource its payroll?

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