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An interesting look at some Super Bowl financial facts

Posted by Complete Payroll | Jan 31, 2017 12:14:14 PM

The Super Bowl is arguably the single largest annual sporting event in America. An estimated 500 million dollars will be going into this year’s Super Bowl production costs. So where does all the money go? That’s where we come in to give you the scoop on all things payroll regarding the Super Bowl, from the highest paid players to the halftime show costs and more!

Average NFL Player Salary 

The average salary in the NFL between 2015 and 2016 was $2.1 million. The top 15 highest paid stars in the league make a combined total of $535 million a year. Their total earnings include salaries, bonuses, appearances, licensing money and endorsements for the year.  

Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Players of 2016

The players that sit at the top of the NFL financial food chain are highly respected for their great talents and hold massive paychecks that mirror their contributions. Here’s a look at the top 5 highest-paid NFL players of 2016, according to Forbes.

Sample graph.png

1)  Cam Newton

Team: Carolina Panthers

Salary/Bonuses: $41.1 million

Total Earnings:  $53.1 million

2) Eli Manning

Team: New York Giants

Salary/Bonuses: $37 million

Total Earnings:  $45 million

3)  Joe Flacco

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Salary/Bonuses: $44 million

Total Earnings: $44.5 million

4)  Tom Brady

Team: New England Patriots

Salary/Bonuses: $36.1 million

Total Earnings: $44.1 million

5) Russell Wilson

Team: Seattle Seahawks 

Salary/Bonuses: $31.8 million

Total Earnings:$41.8 million

Halftime Show Costs

The production of Super Bowl Halftime Show can run for around $10 million. So what exactly is the performing artist’s cut from the $10 million? Absolutely NOTHING. An NFL spokeswoman said to Forbes, “The NFL covers expenses and production costs, but they do not pay halftime artists.” Lady Gaga will be performing at this years Super Bowl and although she won't be getting paid, she will get a significant amount of promotion and free airtime.

Who Gets Paid for the Production?

Although the famous NFL players and performers get all of the spotlight on game day, it takes a large “Super Bowl village” to put on the show. There are 10,000 super bowl volunteers for this years game night. The NFL also employs several thousand security workers to patrol during the event each year. This year specifically, the Houston Unarmed Security workers will be getting paid $20-25 an hour. The NFL also hires a variety of vendors to provide services during the event.

Interesting Facts

Super Bowl Graphs (1).png
  • The average cost for a Super Bowl ticket is about $4,300.
  • Players on the winning team recieve a bonus of approximately $100,000.
  • The average price paid for a Super Bowl commercial is $4.5 M. 
  • Around $80 M total is wagered on the event.
  • The Super Bowl regularly reaches over 100 million viewers and is one of the most-watched television events in history.
  • The economic impact of the Super Bowl on host cities is anywhere up to half a billion dollars.  
  • In the past, the NFL tried to have celeberties, Katy Perry for example, pay in order to be in the halftime show.

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