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Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Software During a Labor Shortage

Applicant Tracking  & Recruiting Software During a Labor Shortage

As of August 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the United States currently has over 10.4 million job openings. 

Evidence of this labor shortage is all around us. Go out to eat, go to a store, or run your errands and you'll quickly notice that you may be waiting longer for service or deliveries as many businesses cope with the shortage and manage the best they can.

If you’re one of these businesses that are struggling to find the right talent to fill your open positions, utilizing applicant tracking and recruiting software like Advanced HR can not only help make your search easier, but it can help you attract the perfect candidate even in the middle of a labor shortage. 

What are Applicant Tracking Systems?

Applicant tracking and recruitment systems can be HR’s best friend. Designed to help businesses keep track of candidates to recruit and hire, they collect important information and help keep applicants organized by experience, skill sets, and other customizable filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

While an essential organization tool, these tracking and recruitment tools also help streamline communication with applicants. This could mean help collecting important documents like a certification that might be needed for specific jobs and scheduling interviews. 

Benefits of Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Software

The knee-jerk reaction in times like these might be to just get a warm body into the position so that it is covered. But while that seems like the easiest way out of your labor shortage problem, just hiring anyone no matter what their qualifications are will end up costing you money and wasting a lot of time and energy in the long run. 

To find the right person to fill your position, applicant tracking systems give you many benefits including:

Speed Up the Recruitment Cycle

The entire hiring process of a candidate can take a frustratingly long time. But by automating everything from receiving applicants, narrowing down suitable candidates, and scheduling interviews, the whole recruitment cycle is much faster. This not only keeps your HR department more productive but also ensures you can secure the best talent quickly and ahead of the competition. 

Improve the Candidate Experience

Let’s face it: in a labor shortage, candidates have a lot of different opportunities to choose from, and therefore, the upper hand when it comes time to negotiate. One way to stand out is to reduce friction in the the application and interview processes. A sound applicant tracking system can be your inside track to not just attracting the right talent, but providing them a positive application and recruitment experience by ensuring that candidates receive timely feedback at every step of the process. Efficiency in this process is not only a key to your business’s success, but it leaves a positive impact about your company's heath to job candidates.

Reach a Wider Candidate Pool

The best talent isn’t necessarily within a 50-mile radius of your company. Limiting your search is only going to limit your talent. Applicant Tracking Systems, with the help of SEO, can help you reach the right person no matter where they’re located. It helps you tap into social media platforms where you can meet candidates where they hang out online. 

Make Applying Easy

Job seekers are increasingly searching and applying for jobs on their mobile devices. Candidates will continue to be more likely to find your company and apply for an open position on their smartphones and tablets. Tracking and recruitment software gives these candidates this option, easily letting candidates apply for positions they’re interested in right away instead of having to wait. 

With tracking and recruiting software like Advanced HR, your business will skip all the problems that a labor shortage brings and help you attract the best candidates for any of your positions quickly and efficiently. Contact one of our professionals today to discuss how your recruitment process can benefit from our powerful tools. 

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