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Attorneys Kevin Wicka and Jake Piorkowski Discuss CARES Act and PPP

CJ was joined by two attorneys for a comprehensive conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic and the options currently available for employers and employees alike through the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program. Kevin Wicka and Jake Piorkowski from The Tarantino Law Firm in Buffalo, New York shared their timely and relevant insights that's sure to be valuable to anyone that runs a business or manages employees.

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Conversation Highlights

The video is just over 40 minutes long, so rather than providing the full transcript as we often do, here's an overall summary of what was covered:

  • How everyone is adjusting to working from home.
  • How the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting employers and employees alike.
  • An overview of the CARES Act, the unprecedented $2.2 trillion stimulus package designed to provide relief to employers and workers.
  • An overview of the Paycheck Protection Program, a major provision of the CARES Act which is offering forgivable loans to businesses to cover costs including payroll and rent.
  • Who is eligible for the PPP?
  • How can employers apply for the PPP?
  • How can people know or be sure if their PPP loans will be forgiven?
  • Discussing the increases in Unemployment Insurance benefits that will soon be available for workers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in getting in touch with either Kevin or Jake, you can use their contact information below:

  • Kevin Wicka: KWicka@tarantinolaw.com
  • Jake Piorkowski: JPiorkowski@tarantinolaw.com

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