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We do payroll, HR, timekeeping and more for employers all over the country from a small, rural town in Upstate New York. And we're constantly publishing articles and other resources to help business owners, HR managers or anyone that helps manage a workforce. Welcome to Payroll Country!

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What Employers Need to Know About the NY Hero Act

As an employer, one of your most important charges is taking care of your workers. That includes...

New Non-Compete Restrictions and What they Mean for Employers

The Biden administration recently signed an executive order encouraging the Federal Trade...

Department of Labor Rescinds 2020 Rule, Making It Easier to Label Companies as Joint Employers

By rescinding a March 2020 rule, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is making it more likely...

Can Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination?

As an employer, you may be considering instituting a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for your...

Five Lessons for Better HR, Part 3: Setting Behavioral Expectations | Unfiltered HR

Sometimes, it's not enough that the job gets done, but how it gets done.

In this third part in...

The Many Benefits of Multiple Employer Plans | PeopleWork

Approximately 90% of small businesses in the United States offer no retirement benefits to their...

NYS DOL Releases Important HERO Act Templates & Standards

The New York State Department of Labor has released a series of documents and templates for...

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