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6 Benefits of Time and Attendance Management Systems

July 07, 2020

Written by Complete Payroll

6 Benefits of Time and Attendance Management Systems | Complete Payroll

Benefits of Time and Attendance

If you’re a business that believes your employees are your most precious asset, then you’ll do everything in your power to make sure their work informs how your business operates. Tracking employee time and attendance is one of the best tools in your toolbox for improving productivity and efficiency. 

Gone are manual timekeeping systems that are prone to tedious timesheet review and payroll errors. Today’s modern companies are using advancements in timekeeping technology to keep track of employees’ work hours and are taking advantage of the benefits of time and attendance management systems to take their businesses to the next level. 

Here’s what they’re getting in return:

Dependable Accuracy

Advanced automated time and attendance management systems minimize the risk of human errors—one of the biggest factors that contribute to financial losses. They are often cloud-based and collect employee data in real time. They’re also capable of managing complex scheduling to ensure qualified, skilled coverage while accommodating shift changes, labor law constraints, employee preferences and more. 

Increased Productivity

Advanced automated time and attendance management systems save time and human effort in keeping track of employees. Now work schedules are easily created based on job requirements, employee availability and eligibility, and they are easily duplicated. This frees managers from routine, manual scheduling activities so they can focus strategically on their business. 

TimeSimplicity is Complete Payroll's advanced scheduling solution that helps manage complex schedules, ensures qualified coverage, gives employees scheduling control and expedites shift changes. Request a demo today to see if it’s right for your business. 

Pleased Employee

Advanced automated time and attendance management systems often have a self-service component for employees to view schedules, get reminders and have access to shift trade boards. Employees can access time cards, time off requests and paid time off (PTO) balances through web-based portals or mobile apps. 

Legal Compliance

Advanced automated time and attendance management systems ensure the accuracy of your employees’ records with regard to shift constraints for required skills or maximum hour constraints. Available reports verify compliance with national, state and local labor regulations and assist with internal and external audits. 

Overall Cost Reduction

One of the most appealing benefits of time and attendance systems is that they help save labor costs, eliminating excessive overtime by comparing budgeted hours to actual time worked. This advantage also can benefit your company attendance policy by significantly reducing employee tardiness and absenteeism.

Learn More About the Benefits of Time and Attendance Management Systems

Complete Payroll’s advanced employee scheduling solution is called TimeSimplicity, a cloud-based system that manages the difficult challenges of team scheduling with ease. With a comprehensive centralized data component, all your company’s timekeeping data is collected into a single online account, making it easy to access, edit, approve and export everything you need. Your payroll staff will never have to manually collect information from individual supervisors again.

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