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Thank you from our CEO

Posted by admin | Dec 30, 2015 5:16:57 PM

To our clients (and friends) in Payroll Country,

It’s good advice to pause a spell every once in a while. When you do, you notice things you might miss when you’re on the move. Every year, at this very time of year, we take a look around Payroll Country to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. There are few things worth experiencing that aren’t worth sharing. Which explains why we’re telling you.

Every good thing we’re able to enjoy is drawn from the well that clients like you replenish with your loyalty. Everyone in Payroll Country knows that there’s no well that couldn’t run dry. For this reason, we’d like to restate our commitment to providing you the kind of experience that never demands your attention.

We know that nobody wants to hassle with payroll. We also know everyone loves getting paid. So here’s to another year of hassle-free payroll that puts a grin on employee faces from sea to shining sea.

Before you take time to reflect on your own commitments, allow me to share a few that we’ve made recently. We believe you’re going to find them favorable and heartwarming. Thanks for helping us live our dream and create opportunities for others to live theirs.

Thanks for helping us build Payroll Country.


Rick Fish, CEO
Complete Payroll

Here’s who and what is new in Payroll Country:

Strategic Brand Evolution: In September we celebrated our staff with an employee appreciation day and unveiled our Payroll Country brand. We are Complete Payroll. Payroll Country, the figurative place where our businesses intersect, is both a symbol and a way of doing business. It’s new and it’s not. Our values are the same. Payroll Country is just a new way to express them. Our logo and website have been spruced up and we’re receiving great feedback from clients, prospects and our staff. We are very proud of the result. We think it has put to print what we have been all along, a place that prides itself on valuing its staff and clientele. Our improvements are for you, our client. We are committed to delivering the attention and results you deserve. Stay tuned as Payroll Country continues to grow.

ACA Update: We invested in resources to help our clients meet the requirements of the employer mandate portion of the affordable care act (ACA). To say it has been quite an undertaking would not do our staff justice for the amount of time spent researching, training, and eventually setting up and auditing work for hundreds of clients that qualify for this requirement.

Strategic Hire in IT: In June of this year we welcomed aboard our team Karl Pashalidis as our IT manager. Karl has provided us with the expertise and 16 years of experience to continue ensuring the backbone of our business, our software, is up and running with as little downtime as possible. He joins an already strong Technical team and we are excited for him to lead them.

Strategic Hire in Customer Service: In August, we welcomed Ken Gilbraith to Payroll Country as our CSR manager. Ken has experience managing customer care centers for the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Frontier Telephone. He will be combining his experience with our Payroll Country culture to coach our customer service department to make your client experience remarkable.

Strategic Hire in Client Training: At the beginning of December, Brenda Watson entered Payroll Country as our new client trainer. If you read our manifesto you can refer to chapter 4, everyone gets a map. Not only have we had a training department unlike most Payroll services but we have grown it so that we have a corporate trainer training our staff and maintaining our policies and procedures as well as staff dedicated to training our clients. Sometimes learning a new software is overwhelming and frustrating and we want to be sure to help you every step of the way.

Growing Team All Around: Overall, our team continues to grow. We welcomed 15 new hires in 2015 with plans for more in 2016. We are excited about the folks who have joined us. You will be, too. They possess a heart for service and work ethic that are worthy of your trust. When our team grows it should only mean good things for you. Thanks again for the opportunity to grow with you.

Written by admin

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