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Congratulations to Our 2021 Employees of the Year! πŸ†

Each year, we are excited to recognize six employees from three key divisions of our company, who went above and beyond the year before.

Those areas are Sales (the people you meet when you're thinking of coming to Payroll Country), Operations (the people you meet once you're here), and leadership (the people who empower Ops and Sales to be amazing at their jobs. 

Without further adieu, our 2021 Employees of the Year: 

CP_Avatar_600RS_Jen Strait_20210507Employee of the Year - Sales

Jennifer Strait, Account Executive (Buffalo)

"Jen only knows one speed - Go! From her Unfiltered HR series with Ally HR Partners to the networking groups she is involved in, Jen is always doing what she can to help businesses make the move to Payroll Country. Go Bills!"
- Rob Kropczynski, Buffalo Sales Manager

 Click Here to Check Out Jen's Bio Page 


CP_Avatar_600RS_Brandi Davis_20210409Employee of the Year - Operations

Brandi Davis, Tax Specialist

"Brandi is one of the most committed and loyal employees that I know of. Not only has she given her time hand over foot in the past year but never failed to take on anything that she could to help out our team and others whenever she could, and then some. To say she goes above and beyond is an understatement."
- Erin Gibson, Tax Manager


CP_Avatar_600RS_Stephanie Cirringione_20200506Rookie of the Year - Sales

Stephanie Kunkle, Account Executive (Buffalo)

"Stephanie consistently utilizes all forms of prospecting, including the ability to quickly create referral relationships. She has really immersed herself into Payroll Country and continues to push the limits on what we expect from an AE in their early years on the team."
- Rob Kropczynski, Buffalo Sales Manager

 Click Here to Check Out Stephanie's Bio Page 


CP_Avatar_600RS_Cassandra Gilbert_20200506Rookie of the Year - Operations

Cassandra Gilbert, Implementation Specialist

"Cass was literally nominated this year for every award she could have been. She has just been a rockstar since day one."
- Austin Fish, CEO


CP_Avatar_600RS_Erin Gibson_20200911Leader of the Year

Erin Gibson, Tax Manager

"There have been numerous hurdles to overcome over the past few years and Erin has guided her team successfully to navigate the ever changing tax landscape that we operate in. Thank you Erin for being a true leader and helping to continue to grow Payroll Country."
- Kevin Herbek, Director of Finance


CP_Avatar_600RS_Christina DeGroff_20191218Most Improved Employee

Rochester Sales Manager

"During a slow season in early 2021, Christina took the time to learn how to utilize all forms of prospecting from perfecting her cold calling techniques to building up a referral network. By July, she was hitting 100%+ of her goal each month. In November, she hit 344% of her monthly goal and finished the year over 100% of her yearly goal. Super proud of her hard work and dedication to learning her craft."
- Rob Kropczynski, Buffalo Sales Manager

  Click Here to Check Out Christina's Bio 

πŸ† Congratulations to All! πŸ†

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