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Congratulations to Our 2022 Employees of the Year! πŸ†

Written by Joe Peluso

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Each year, we are excited to recognize five employees from three key divisions of our company, who went above and beyond the year before.

Those areas are Sales (the people you meet when you're thinking of coming to Payroll Country), Operations (the people you meet once you're here), and leadership (the people who empower Ops and Sales to be amazing at their jobs.) 

Without further adieu... our 2022 Employees of the Year! πŸ† 

CP_Avatar_600RS_Stephanie Kunkle_20200506Employee of the Year - Sales

Stephanie Kunkle, Account Executive

"Steph always puts the customer first. She takes the time to understand each prospective client's challenges and goals before offering any solutions.  Steph has a strong work ethic and is consistently doing all the right things."

- Rob Kropczynski, Buffalo Sales Manager

Check Out Stephanie's Bio Page 


CP_Avatar_600RS_Caitlin Nadeau_20221017Employee of the Year - Operations

Caitlin Nadeau, Implementation Consultant

"Caitlin is a problem solver with relentless work ethic. She’s brings a special skill set to the team. She has the rare combo of Talent and Drive. She’s also kind, cares about her teammates and likes to have fun. She is joy to have on the team."

- Ashley HamiltonImplementation Manager

Check Out Caitlin's Bio Video: 


CP_Avatar_600RS_Brittany Uhl_20220318

Vincent Coons  Rookie of the Year

Brittany Uhl, Customer Service Representative

"Brittany is ambitious and motivated. She never shies away from a challenge and shares her experiences and information with others. She is always looking for ways to improve processes and provide a great experience and customer service for clients."

Angeline Snell, Customer Service Manager


CP_Avatar_600RS_Ashley Hamilton_20221006Leader of the Year

Ashley Hamilton, Implementation Manager

"Ashley Hamilton has built a team that is both strong, and passionate about the mission. She leads her team from the front, the side, or behind depending on what the situation calls for. She has an appreciation for the importance of achieving goals, and thrives on facing challenges head-on. Ashley's leadership is a major driver of Complete Payroll's success and is why she has earned the 2022 Leader of the Year!"

- Richard White, Director of Client Services

Check Out Ashley's Bio Video:

CP_Avatar_600RS_Ashley Hootman-Eakins_20201120Rising Star 🌟

Ashley Hootman-Eakins, Project Manager

"Ashley has taken on a couple of new roles this year, each time picking up new responsibility in stride, and continuing to deliver results. She has literally stood out in the crowd by standing up to some of the company's largest challenges. Ashley continually looks for opportunities to improve any process. I am very excited to work hand-in-hand with Ashley while she continues to rise by leading Complete Payroll's largest projects." 

- Richard White, Director of Client Services

πŸ† Congratulations to All! πŸ†

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