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What are employees looking for in a healthcare coverage plan?

Written by admin

VWhen you broach the subject of benefits to a potential employee, the first thing they're going to think of is health insurance. Healthcare benefits are the most popular and considered the most important by employees. But if you asked them to get specific, what kind of healthcare benefits would they tell you they want?

  • Choices are important. That's the state of mind in America today: the expectation of a wide choice of products and services in every aspect of life. They also want customization, with programs that fit not only generational needs but individual circumstances.
  • Dental and vision coverage are an important component of total healthcare—not just for your employees, but for you, in the long run. After all, diabetes, heart disease, blindness and pregnancy complications can all be brought on by poor dental hygiene and inflate health costs overall. And vision coverage can be used as a recruiting tool as well as a way to keep your employees healthier, happier, and more productive.
  • Value, or more bang for the buck, is important. The chief HR officer of retail giant Sears reported that the first year after the company moved its employees into a private health insurance exchange, workers signed up for health plans that looked like the ones they had before. The following year, they shopped based on pricing. But in the third year, they signed up for the plans that offered the best value. Consumers are getting more savvy and demanding price transparency as well as the ability to change plans and carriers annually.
  • Mental health care benefits are becoming more important as more people are willing to deal with these issues. Alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, homeopathy or chiropractic are also becoming more popular.

One more way you can impress your employees with your level of concern toward their healthcare is to offer onsite services and wellness programs, such as flu shots and blood pressure and cholesterol screenings.

Employers, what healthcare benefits do you offer that you think are great? Employees, what would you like to see in your benefits package? Please share your thoughts below!

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