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N.Y. Employers Soon Must Provide Electronic Versions of Mandatory Workplace Postings

N.Y. Employers Soon Must Provide Electronic Versions of Mandatory Workplace Postings

According to the Federal Department of Labor, a variety of posters are required to be displayed in every workplace. These posters cover topics such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, federal minimum wage, occupational health and safety, and other important labor laws that govern workers. 

A trend that has been growing rapidly in the last few years is that the definition of “workplace” has evolved, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 shutdowns. The workplace is increasingly becoming a remote location, usually an employee's home, making providing access to these legally required documents next to impossible.

However, New York legislators have been working on a solution.


Assembly Bill A7595

New York Labor Law Section 201 is the law that governs New York employers’ requirement to post certain notices in a conspicuous place on each floor of their workplace. On April 26, New York legislators passed a bill that would also require employers to:

  • Make these mandatory documents available online as digital files
  • Notify employees of the availability of these documents online

This development takes into account the expanding definition of “workplace” in the modern era. This electronic posting requirement applies to all documents that are required to be posted in the workplace under state and federal laws as well. 


Next Steps

Once signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, the law will immediately take effect. Therefore, now is the time for New York employers to begin steps to stay in compliance with the new law.

To ensure compliance, employers should do the following:

  1. Check all state and federal laws and make sure all mandatory workplace posters have been posted in any existing physical workplace.
  2. Create digital copies of these postings and upload them to your company intranet. If you do not have a company intranet, create an email and attach any digital file you’ve created. Save the email to distribute when the bill becomes law.
  3. When the law goes into effect, notify all employees that the required documents are available electronically and how they can access them.

Additionally, employers have to make sure they have updated any employee handbooks and other resources that need updates on this important information.


For more up-to-date information on labor laws in New York State and beyond, visit the Complete Payroll website for blog articles that cover everything you need to know in HR.

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