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Federal Appeals Court Halts OSHA Vaccine Mandate for 100+ Employers

Citing "grave statutory and constitutional" issues, a federal appeals court issued a temporary...

Why Your Workforce Will Love an Employee Self-Service Portal

Over the years, the concept of self-service has transformed the way people do everything from...

NYS Paid Family Leave Extending to Include Care for Siblings

Starting January 1, 2023, New York State Paid Family Leave will expand to include care for a...

NYS Hero Act: COVID-19 Designation Extended Through December 15, 2021

On Sunday, the NYS Commissioner of Health officially announced the that the designation of...

How Nonprofits Can Track Funding Sources with Automated Timekeeping Software

If you have worked in the nonprofit sector long enough, you are no stranger to juggling a lot at...

Why Leaders Must Understand the Power of HR Data

You may have heard the phrase “data is the new currency." Where following the money was once the...

The Benefits of Storing Employee Documents Electronically

 Did you know that the average office worker still uses 10,000 pieces of paper a year on the job?

NYS Hero Act: COVID-19 Designation Extended Through October 31

After days of uncertainty, the NYS Commissioner of Health has officially announced the that the...

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