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Should You Bother Allocating Labor Costs in Your Business?

on Aug 20, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Employees Human resources Time and labor
When you’re really small, you can often save time and money in ways that larger businesses can’t. Need an all-hands meeting? You can turn your chairs around and talk to all five of your employees easily. Not sure what your customers think about your new product? The odds are good you probably know many of them personally and can just ask the next time you see them around town.
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When Your Family Business Outgrows the Family - Tips for Hiring, Onboarding and Beyond

on Aug 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Labor law Employees Payroll Human resources
Family businesses can bring both joy and pain to the families that own and run them. They can foster family unity, give members a common goal, and ensure that the business itself is built on shared values. They can also become a point of dissention as familial relationships and business relationships experience constant muddling. Differentiating between Janet-my-mother and Janet-my-manager can be tricky when both are frustrated with you.
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Know Your Forms: Employees vs. Independent Contractors

on Aug 6, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Labor law Employees Payroll Human resources
When you’re bringing someone on board to do work for you, there is always a fair amount of paperwork involved. Tax forms, contracts, non-disclosure agreements … the list goes on and on.
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Do I Need to Pay New Employees That Are Still in Training?

on Aug 3, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Employees Payroll Human resources Time and labor
It can be frustrating to spend days or even months training a new employee to take on the responsibilities of their role, only to have them leave before they’re ever producing value for your business. It’s enough to make some employees wonder: if people actually pay for training from schools and other organizations, why am I paying people for the training that my business provides?
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Best Practices For Onboarding and Orienting Re-Hires

on Aug 1, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Labor law Employees Human resources
These days, it’s not unusual to see “boomerang” employees, those who leave for positions or opportunities elsewhere, only to return later on. Sometimes this is just a matter of practical circumstances; people leave to pursue school or full-time caregiving, as a result of a layoff, or because there are no current opportunities for advancement at your organization. Other times, they leave for greener pastures (whether that means more money or a different sort of work environment) only to discover they actually prefer to work for you.
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From Owner to Employer: Tips For Hiring Your First Employee

on Jul 30, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Taxes Labor law Employees Payroll Human resources
After the transition from traditional employee to self-employed individual, there is no greater transition than the one from a solo business owner to an employer of one. One moment you’re responsible to yourself and for yourself. The next, you’re not only strategizing for two, you’re actually having to (gasp!) delegate.
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Best Practices for Hiring and Onboarding Interns

on Jul 27, 2018 7:00:00 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Employees Human resources
Hiring interns can be a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved. Interns develop new skills, gain industry experience, and build up their network of professional contacts. Employers get help with special projects they might not otherwise have the time for, a chance to scout out new talent, and good working relationships with educational institutions.
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Does My Small Business Need a Formalized Onboarding Process?

on Jul 25, 2018 9:28:32 PM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Employees Human resources
When you’re a micro-business with just an employee or two, it’s easy to take things as they come. Recruiting often consists of “Oh, my brother-in-law’s former roommate’s fiancé is actually a really good admin assistant if you want me to put you in touch with him,” and onboarding is typically done one-on-one with you, the owner, downloading the necessary forms from various government websites and printing them off in the moment. This is especially true if you’re new to including others in what was once a solo operation.
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Successful Employee Relationships: Three Essential Pillars

on Jul 20, 2018 2:14:11 PM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Employees
The vast majority of employee-related relationship problems, whether you believe them to be trivial annoyances or business-killers,  result from one or more of three factors: poor knowledge, poor communication, and poor recognition. By recognizing these factors and understanding how to avoid them, you can dramatically improve your employee relations.
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Employee Termination Script | How to Script Your Termination Meeting

on Jul 17, 2018 11:43:56 AM By | Complete Payroll | 0 Comments | Labor law Employees Human resources
It’s easy to become overwhelmed when tackling difficult conversations, and terminations are no exception. Who hasn’t experienced a conversation, either in their professional or personal life, that derailed once heightened emotions came into play? When you anticipate challenging conversations like this, one of the best ways to prepare is to have a script.
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