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About the New York City Salary Transparency Law

New York City has issued guidance on its salary transparency law. Starting May 15, 2022, employers...

Would You Offer Employees Unlimited PTO? (19 Ideas) | PeopleWork 21

Employers have strong opinions about the concept of Unlimited PTO, but only about 4% of US employers

Marijuana and the Workplace | Unfiltered HR E013

Recreational marijuana use is legal in New York State. And with any new legislation comes a host of...

Navigating Employees' Personal Needs | Unfiltered HR E012

As an HR professional or business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to know your role or...

Scheduling Best Practices for Short-Staffed Nursing Homes

Covid-19 has had an historic and almost inconceivable impact on the medical sector, making staff...

Schedule Planning: Best Practices for Creating Work Schedules

One of the most complex tasks on the plates of managers and business owners is creating work...

Scheduling Best Practices for Short-Staffed Restaurants

With the Great Resignation, it’s more important than ever to keep morale up and employees...

Paying Your People: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

NOTE: This article was re-posted with permission from the Ally HR Partners Blog. 

Do you pay your...

Best Practices for Transitioning from Paper Time Cards to Digital Timekeeping

Change, no matter how slight, can be challenging for employees who are used to repetition and...

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