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Five Lessons for Better HR, Part 1: What is Better HR? | Unfiltered HR

Written by Complete Payroll

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Our very own Jennifer Strait and Emily Martin from Ally HR Partners launch the first of a five-part series on what "Better HR" can (and should) mean for your business.

Topics Covered:

  1. What is "Better HR"?
  2. The importance of Purposeful HR
  3. Homework assignment: Define your company's mission & values
  4. How "Better HR" can help you develop stronger relationships with candidates, customers, and partners.

Watch the Full Episode:



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AllyHR_Logo_500RContact Emily Martin:Web: allyhrpartners.comEmail: emartin@allyhrpartners.com


This episode was filmed on location, and in strict accordance with New York State's social distancing regulations concerning restaurants, at HANSA Workspace in Buffalo, NY

Visit their website: hansaworkspace.com

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