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5 Lessons for Better HR, Part 2: Defining Roles & Expectations | Unfiltered HR

Written by Complete Payroll

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Our very own Jennifer Strait and Emily Martin from Ally HR Partners have launched the a five-part series on what "Better HR" can (and should) mean for your business.

In part 2, Emily and Jen discuss the importance of structuring your business, defining the necessary roles within that business, and clearly setting and communicating expectations for those roles. 

Topics Covered:

  1. Building a structure for your business, starting with yourself
  2. Identifying the necessary seats or roles your business will need to achieve its goals, including your own.
  3. Clearly setting and communicating expectations/accountabilities for each role, including your own.
  4. Knowing the difference between expectations and a job description. 
  5. TIP: Do not create roles based on individuals, create them based on what best suits your company as a whole. 
  6. How to create roles when you already have employees.
  7. Homework assignment: Define your company's roles & expectations for each


Watch the Full Episode:


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AllyHR_Logo_500RContact Emily Martin:Web: allyhrpartners.comEmail: emartin@allyhrpartners.com

UHR_Partner Logo_Maker_1000R_Froth Brewing

This episode was filmed on location, and in strict accordance with New York State's social distancing regulations concerning restaurants, at Froth Brewing Co. in Buffalo, NY

Visit their website: Froth Brewing Co.

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