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Better Job Postings = Better Job Applicants. Here’s How!

Job ad in newspaperDo you think job postings are a waste of time? They are if all you’re planning to do is pull some text from a software program, paste it into a template, and throw it onto a hiring website or your company web portal. The secret to writing a job posting that attracts great candidates is to remember that a job posting is a marketing piece. You need to sell your organization and your opportunity—and you need to make sure that people can find your posting and understand it. What do we mean?

Here are some strategies to bring better candidates to you:

Use a Normal Job Title
You want to make sure the name of the posted job isn’t an internal title that may not match up with what the outside world thinks it is. Create a title that tells the candidate what the job is, or what you need them to do.

Provide a Snapshot of the Job
You don’t want your ad to be a boring laundry list of responsibilities, but it should include the role’s primary tasks in understandable terms. If there are any must-have qualifications, clearly state them. Remember, a generic ad attracts generic candidates.

Sell the Opportunity
Basically, tell candidates why they should want to work for you. Talk about your company’s great culture, or all of the perks and benefits of working there. Convince them that you are a great company and this is a great opportunity.

List the Salary Range
This has been a no-no for a long time, but let’s face it: candidates like to know what they’re getting into. They don’t want to spend their time going through the interview process only to discover that the pay isn’t what they need. Giving the salary range helps you appear honest, confident and transparent.

Ask for Required Materials
If you want to read a cover letter or work samples, include that required information in the job posting.

The same old postings will bring in the same old candidates. By making your posting unique and attractive, you’re more likely to bring in attractive, interesting candidates who are qualified for the job and that match your company’s workplace culture.

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